General Contractor

Core Competencies

Our projects and core competencies include:

  • Power Plants
  • Reservoirs and Dams
  • Heavy Highway
  • Aviation Facilities
  • Street & Bridge Construction
  • Health Care Facilities
  • High Tech Facilities

We perform all aspects of Site Preparation:

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Erosion Control
  • Backfill
  • Underground Utilities
    • Sewer
    • Storm
    • Firewater and Domestic Water Services
  • Secure all needed shoring and piling, site concrete, asphalt paving, landscaping, fencing, utilities needed to complete the site development
  • General Management Consulting
  • Project Management Services

Our team members have diverse education and experience which creates a deep pool of resources from which to draw for a variety of types of projects. Their backgrounds range from technical, habitat-oriented, construction engineering management, civil, builder, and sustainability.


Specialty Projects

We excel at everything from working in tight, confined areas to working in a substation around energized power lines and on wastewater treatment plants that require a maze of piping. “We love anything out of the norm – challenging projects that require thought and innovation to get to the job done,” Jim Weitman states.


Rock falls and slides

How do you take down a three-story rock ledge and prevent huge boulders from falling and smashing into a power plant? What do you set up to capture those boulders that could fall while you are rescaling the hill? That’s the kind of situations we have solved and love to solve.


River work and de-watering

We are experienced with river work, where the task is to put up sufficient barriers and constantly pump water over the barrier to keep the work area safe and dry for workers and equipment. On one project we had over 150 well points in the ground, dewatering over 250,000 gallons a day to lower the water table enough to get the site built. Our crew specializes in these types of fabrications.


Innovation and safety

With us, it’s about being innovative. We have done technical deep digs with slide rail shoring systems, on 40’X40’ holes going 30 feet deep all the while protecting our employees at the same time. We do everything very carefully and maintain a quality safety record.


Sustainability and Green Practices

Weitman Excavation is a certified contractor in LEED and sustainability business practices which maximize our value to our clients and reduce the impact on the environment in which we work. By being part of the integrated project delivery and design teams, our team members contribute to innovation which supports the intent for sustainable projects and certifications, especially in the areas of:

  • Sensitive Land Protection
  • High Priority Site
  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Protect or Restore Habitat, Eco-systems, Materials and Resources


“What excites me,” says Jim Weitman,” is waterways, fish habitat, wind driven turbines, solar power – anything that has to do with renewable energy or stewardship of the land. I am excited to spend our time and focus on these types of quality projects.”