Weitman Excavation includes a LEED certified team using sustainability business practices to maximize our value to our clients and reduce the our impact on the environment in which we work in. We are actively involved in these green organizations:

  • The US Green Building Council
  • Cascadia Green Building Council
  • Earth Advantage
  • The International Living Future Institute
  • WELL Building Standard


Green Building Practices

With these associations, we are constantly tracking innovations and new trends in green building practices that we bring to projects in a timely and cost effect manner. By being part of the integrated project delivery and design teams, our team members can contribute to innovation to support the intent for sustainable projects and certifications, especially in the areas of:

  • Sensitive Land Protection
  • High Priority Site
  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Site Development
  • Protect or Restore Habitat, Materials and Resources


Sustainability Business Practices

Our internal sustainability business practices include:

  • In-house waste reduction and pollution reduction programs
    • Recycling on all projects, offices and job site trailers
    • Paperless systems
    • Water conservation
    • Carpooling to project sites
    • Non-smoking company
    • Use of non-hazardous chemicals and products
  • Purchasing products and services that have inherent social, health, environmental and local economic impacts
  • Commitment to sustainability and to improving the environment and quality of life
  • Encouraging employee attendance at internal and external trainings on sustainability practices

We have implemented the following programs for environments we work in:

  • Tier 4 Engine Compliance Program: Weitman Excavation has 100% commitment
  • No Idle Policy: for excavation/combustion-engine equipment
  • Idling Limits: restricts diesel vehicles from idling more than five minutes
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspections: random and monthly inspections verify that diesel engines do not smoke excessively and are tamper free
  • Cleaner emissions: all fleet vehicles have transitioned to cleaner emissions and all trucks have exhaust treatment systems
  • Conservation and recycling: of all materials and resources on site