We have experience in commercial excavation projects with extremely complex scopes. All site development is self-performed by our company and all key supervisory personnel are employed at our company.


[jbox color=”blue”]Weitman Excavation has completed major commerical excavation projects both for government and private industry to their respective schedules, within budget or below, with clean safety records, and with clear and respectful communication.[/jbox]


We have been in business since 2003. The expertise of our collective management and field staff exceeds 100 years. Our company provides innovative, dependable and quality products and services, while raising the industry’s benchmark by its dedication to sustainability, diversity, education, health and safety of its clients, projects and team-based workforce. Our current work force includes the following tradesmen:

  • Operators
  • Laborers
  • Cement Masons
  • Carpenters
  • Ironworkers

Resume of Projects

Experience and Excellence

Although Weitman Excavation is an experienced general contractor and commercial excavator, the company has contracted with every major general contractor in the Portland metro area. “Rather than thinking of it as working with the general contractor, I view it as preferring to work with quality leaders within the company that we strive to work with as often as possible. Ethics are important to us – it’s really about the people, not the name on the side of their building.”

People within an organization that make the organization what it is. That is our determining factor on what companies and project managers we decide to work with.

We can self-perform all erosion control, site demolition, utilities, excavation and backfill, as well as secure all needed shoring and piling, site concrete, asphalt paving, landscaping, fencing, etc.

Most of our work is tied with civil engineers, rather than architects, although we occasionally work with architects. “We have a certain number of civil engineers that we work well with on their projects and in turn,” Jim Weitman explains, “those engineers are usually the first we make mention of when our clients are looking to have a site developed, a parking lot built, or a calculation done.”


Fast-Track Excavation Projects

We have done several fast-track projects in recent years where they teamed up with the design team, engineers and integrative design build teams.

Fast-track projects are design-build projects, heavy on the manufacturing side. Time is of the essence so rather than wait for the entire project to be designed, the engineering team designs the basic concept of the site, rough earthquake configurations and critical structures. We start our work while the engineering team continues to design the processing piping, the remainder of the underground utilities, etc. The two sides of the project come together as the project moves forward.