“What excites me,” says Jim Weitman,” is waterways, fish habitat, wind driven turbines, solar power – anything that has to do with renewable energy or stewardship of the land. I am excited to spend our time and focus on these types of projects.”


Innovation and Safety

With us, it’s about being innovative. We have done technical deep digs with slide rail shoring systems, on 40’X40’ holes going 30 feet deep. We had the combined task of keeping the hole open while protecting our employees at the same time. We do everything very carefully and maintain a quality safety record.


Out of the Norm

We excel at everything from working in tight, confined areas to working in a substation around energized power lines and on wastewater treatment plants that require a maze of piping. “We love anything out of the norm – challenging projects that require thought and innovation to get to the job done,” Jim Weitman states.


“Maybe it’s something another company could not pull off, or a job our client thought couldn’t be done for a reasonable budget,” Jim explains, “but that’s where we thrive. We could go dig a hole but the iron guy might not be able to get onto the pad to set his iron. The question is: how do we dig a hole and leave it shored off safely so the iron guy can get in and the concrete guys can get near the hole to do the work they need to do in a safe manner? We excel at solving those kind of problems.”


Rock fall

How do you take down a three-story rock ledge and prevent huge boulders from falling and smashing into a power plant? What do you set up to capture those boulders that could fall while you are rescaling the hill? That’s the kind of situation we have solved and love to solve.


River work and de-watering

We are experienced with river work, where the task is to put up sufficient barriers and constantly pump water over the barrier to keep the work area dry for workers and equipment. On one project we had over 150 well points in the ground, dewatering over 250,000 gallons a day to lower the water table enough to get the site built. Our crew does very well with those type of fabrications.